DJ Jazzy Jeff Boiler Room x Budweiser Philadelphia DJ Set

Listen to this mix on SoundCloud: Boiler Room – DJ Jazzy Jeff


Comment (46)

  1. It's hard to verbally convey how this recording made me feel. Its absurd to refer to him as a merely a dj. Hes an artist and this is a beautiful piece of art.

  2. This night was lit just goes to show when you cook up the right ingredients good crowd, great dj everyone's eating!

  3. Yo we need this in Az….WTF, i don't understand why these Az club promoters don't have music, eyes, ears for this amazing genre of music…

  4. That Diana Ross transition to mo money was solid. When this nigga first transitioned to that TOTO loop….. my blood turned ice cold. A true master of the craft.


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