DJ Jazzy Jeff & Skratch Bastid – Red Bull Thre3Style World Finals 2015 (Tokyo) (FULL)

Live on 4 turntables in Tokyo, Japan, September 2015
DJ Jazzy Jeff & Skratch Bastid
Showcase set after announcement of 2015 World Champion DJ Byte (Chile)

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  1. When you are mixing, thinking you are having a good set or about to pull off something really dope and some MC starts yapping over it, it's really f'n annoying. All I can picture is that clenched fist meme as to what I am thinking at the time haha.

  2. if I was either of them I would have stopped the music and told that guy on the mic to shut his mouth.

  3. The tolerance the djs had to not pick up a turntable and throw it at the MC is to be applauded by all of us.

  4. All yall are Culture Vultures talking about the MC. Go harass and Rob someone else's music. Hip Hop isn't yours.

  5. if I had DJ Skillz

    I'd call myself

    #DJ "Large Bill$"

    Since I killed the coin in Coincidence…
    in that
    no establishments
    accept me after 6 pm or give me away without force of a gun

  6. is there any possibility the audio of this was recorded with out that m.c. so i can enjoy this gnarly d.j. session while cruising in my truck or what have u?

  7. The MC is horrible.  MC's are meant to hype the crowd not impress the crowd with their lyrical knowledge.  Makes a great set difficult to listen to.

  8. Jeff doesn't screw around & his knowledge of his catalog & his ability to read the crowd will drown most DJ's

  9. This has been my "wake up and get ready for work" soundtrack for the past couple weeks. Great set, I just wish I could somehow edit out the damned MC.

  10. Hold ON! Stop The Beat- not juss12 minutes in- BUT 💓 To Music Fans Everywhere and Humanity around The Globe and Beyond!


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