Numark MixTrack PRO 3 working with Virtual DJ 8 and Traktor Pro 2

Numark MixTrack PRO 3 Traktor Pro 2 Mapping

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  1. As I can set my MTP3 with VDJ8?
    It is giving me problems with the audio and sends me the very low signal. I've also noticed that when you open VDJ8, connect the MTP3, I go to Settings, then options and in the section that says "Audio" there is a box that says "exclusive acces audio" and is in "NO" but the change to " YES "VDJ takes full control of the audio coming out of the controller but send me my audio as distorted, as if cut and I could not find a solution, you could help me?

  2. Yo bro awesome tutorial, but I have a few questions about it. So is that browse knob and deck load buttons working ? And will it work with traktor pro 2.6.0 ? Thanks for answering!

  3. I know how to use virtual DJ with the numark controller and not paid any money is like free for the entire life… Like the coments if you want the program.

  4. Trying to swap from the 2 deck to the 4 deck in traktor. I can get everything running like you showed but the effects, cues and loop buttons dont work at at all. Do you know the fix?

  5. Thanks for that dude. I'm considering buying this device but needed to know if it would work with Traktor Pro 2, and apparently it does. Hope it would work for me.
    I just have a question, do you always have to use your mouse to load the tracks into the decks or can you just use a knob on the controller ?


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