Numark NTX1000 DJ Turntable Unboxing & First Impressions Video

Late last year while surfing the Numark DJ website, I noticed that the beloved TTX professional DJ turntable was listed in the “Discontinued” section. That’s because they were working on a new flagship turntable called the Numark NTX1000. This new deck replaces the TTX and has a metal rugged construction, high torque direct drive motor, and everything else anyone would want in a professional DJ turntable.  Check out our full unboxing & first impressions video below to see the new turntable in all its glory and stay tuned for the full vidoe review later today!

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  1. 🤔Numark,Nissan Denon Dj, Infinity Nice move InMusic Not a Super OEM Turntable. The V12 is well built I'm sure they share some intrnal components..

  2. Thanks Kareem for mentioning that turntable manufactures should supply dust shields. A month or so back I purchased a Denon VL 12 Prime $900. No Dust cover. I contacted Denon. There reason for not suppling a cover was ridiculous. "Most vinyl DJ's use a coffin". I'm a vinyl DJ I don't keep all my gear in coffins. Especially my practice at home makes permanent gear.


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