Pioneer DDJ XP1 Rekordbox Controller – Walkthrough Demo & Review

The Pioneer DDJ XP1 is an add on controller for Rekordbox DJ. Find out about this products features and our opinions on the controller in this demo and review.


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    It looks sick! Production and for performance

    It kinda looks like the one fore Hercules.
    Loving the quality content, keep it up!

  2. It's pretty sick
    It's a controller add on
    Probably makes production a little easier
    Fun for performance

    And it's a better version of an MPC… idk this might be on a future shopping list of mine.

  3. Thank you for the in depth review. Seems like a cool add on to your current RB setup. Did I hear correctly that it comes with a Recordbox DJ full license?

  4. Any word on if/when firmware updates will come out for other Pioneer stand alone gear (CDJ/XDJ) that will support key change functionality without using the laptop?

  5. This looks to be the best value on the dj market — full dvs, full rekordbox, and a powerful device for 250$ I've been with serato since 2006 but I can't wait to link this up with my djms9 and take rekordbox for a spin.

  6. Great Review, I was saying it's the new version of the SP1 for rekordbox, thanks for the comparison. Hopefully the SP1 $$$ will drop..

  7. Hello I'm watching your tutorials with great pleasure, congratulate you doing a great job.I'm subscribed to the channel!😊 I have a request :you can do a tutorial about basic eq mix?😉Thanks!

  8. Thanks for top review. Could not do else then buy this little beauty! One question as i am new with rekorbox.. can you acivate loop in advance or do you have 2 do that in memory?

  9. this would be perfect for the lower end DDJ-RB, since the RB has limited physical controls.
    How do you have it already? online sites just list it as available late Sept. or similar. 🙁


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